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HSNC Campus Expansion

Upcoming Project The New Campus

Keeping in view the growing needs of our community, we plan to further enhance our facilities and services and take HSNC to the next level to serve the community. To accomplish this goal, HSNC has planned to undertake Campus Development Project. This is going to be HSNC Flagship project for the next 2~3 years, and we need support and help from everyone to complete this dream project. Witness the vision of our future as we embark on constructing a New Magnificent Temple, an embodiment of Shilpa Shastra’s principles. Crafted from stone marbles, every detail reflects India’s rich artistic heritage.


Campus Project Components

Along with the new Temple, HSNC intends to build a Community Center, Yagnashala, Cafeteria/Kitchen, and Priest Housing, designed to meet the growing needs of our vibrant community.

Community Center


Cafeteria & Kitchen




Why Campus Expansion?

Explore our sprawling campus, a testament to our commitment to fostering spiritual and cultural heritage. Join us at HSNC, where spirituality meets community, and tradition meets progress. Explore the divine journey with us!

Community Growth: With a tenfold increase in the last 20 years, our community is thriving. The upgrade addresses the urgent need for expanded capacity to cater to the diverse needs of our growing community.

Cultural Heritage: The new temple, built in the traditional North Indian style, is a tribute to our rich cultural heritage.

Changing Demographics: As the demographics evolve, we strive to meet the needs of seniors and young American-born Hindu families, creating spaces that act as a hub for connection.

Traffic and Safety Concerns: Addressing parking and traffic issues during festivals ensures a seamless and safe religious experience for devotees.

Project Details

HSNC New Campus - Vision & Mission

At HSNC, our vision and mission are rooted in connecting people and nurturing spiritual growth. We strive to: 

  • Connect Communities: Act as a hub for people to connect, fostering bonds across generations.
  • Serve Diverse Needs: Accommodate various religious activities, from yagnas to bhajans, catering to the evolving demographics of our community.
  • Preserve Cultural Heritage: Upgrade the temple aesthetically, reflecting the traditional North Indian temple style.
  • Events & Celebrations: Join us in celebrating the vibrancy of Indian culture through various events and festivals:
  • Religious Events: Immerse yourself in prayer sessions and religious preachings.
  • Cultural Extravaganza: Experience the grandeur of Indian festivals like Mahashivratri, Holi, Krishna Janmashtami, and Ram Leela.

Largest Holi Celebration: Be part of history as we host one of the largest Holi celebrations outside India, attended by 5K+ people

Who we are doing it for - Our Youth!

The HSNC Trailblazers are a group of teenagers who have integrated to perform high-level communication alongside the main goal of enhancing spiritual awareness.

We meet on a bi-weekly schedule to meet short-term and long-term goals in which attendance is crucial.

Developing a mandir for devotees and having fun are our utmost priorities.

Learn More About us Here!

Trailblazers is committed for अपना कॅम्पस अपनी संस्कृति

आओ मिल कर बनाए अपना कॅम्पस अपनी संस्कृति

Enroll in our community and make a difference through the power of volunteering.

Ready to be part of something extraordinary? Whether you want to reach out or contribute your time and skills, here’s how you can get involved:

Got questions, suggestions, or just want to connect? Reach out to us through any of the following channels:

We are here to assist you and foster a sense of community. Feel free to drop by or connect virtually; we’d love to hear from you!


Our Leadership Team

Dr Neeraj


Sajjan Agrawal


Sudha Rathie

Trustee Chair

Manoj Pandya


Our Journey

HSNC has committed itself to engage our Youth and Young adults in the society affairs and preparing the next generation for leadership. We welcome our Youth and Young Adults to HSNC and seek feedback on what could we do to make HSNC better.

From humble beginnings, HSNC has become a key temple in the region, nurturing spiritual growth and cultural richness. Join us on our journey of devotion and community connection.


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